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Pickled Green Olives
October and November are the olive harvest months, and fresh green olives can be found everywhere in Palestine. If you want a taste of the original pickled green olives, follow the following steps:

Crushed green olives (ready for pickling). If you can- not find crushed olives, buy freshly picked ones and make three parallel vertical slits in each olive (a time- consuming process but worthwhile at the end).
Lemon and hot green chili peppers to taste

1. Soak the green olives in tap water for three days, changing the water every morning.
2. Prepare the pickling solution: one glass water with two tablespoons of salt.
3. On the fourth day, place the olives in the pickling solution and then in a firmly closed jar.
4. After two-three weeks when they are ready for eating, take out a small amount and place it in a plate and add pieces of lemon and hot green chili pepper. Ready to serve.
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