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Arabic or "Fallahi" salad
A regular salad made to a special recipe used in the villages. This is why it is called "Fallahi" salad (or peasant's salad). It is sometimes called Arabic salad in comparison with "Ifranji" or foreign salad. The main difference is in the size of the vegetable pieces.

2 red tomatoes
2 spring onions
green hot chili pepper
salt, lemon and olive oil mint (fresh or dried) for garnish

Cut the tomatoes, spring onions and hot chili pepper in very small pieces (as minuscule as you can get). Add salt, lemon, and olive oil to taste. This salad should have a very strong flavor, so generally one would add more lemon and olive oil than the usual salad. A regular small onion can replace the spring onions if they are not in season. Garnish with green or dried mint.
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