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Chicken Fatteh έΚΙ ΟΜΗΜ
The word Fatteh generally refers to any meal that contains pieces of fried or roasted bread. Some examples are Hummus Fatteh, Eggplant Fatteh,and chicken Fatteh, which is our recipe for today.

1 small chicken
I onion
1 cup rice
1 pita bread
500 gms sour yogurt
3 garlic cloves
Spices and seasoning to taste

Clean and season the chicken to taste (salt, pepper, cardamom seeds, and nutmeg). Peel the onion and place the whole onion with the chicken and a cup of water in a chicken oven bag. Roast in the oven over medium heat. Leave to cook for one hour (or more according to the weight of the chicken.) Cut the pita bread into small square pieces and fry them. Cook the rice. Place the bread in the bottom of the serving pan (which needs to be a semi-deep dish.) After the chicken is cooked, pour the chicken stock onto the bread and mix with one crushed garlic clove and one spoon of cooked rice. Place the remaining rice on top of the bread and chicken stock combination and make sure it's fully covered. Mix the two remaining crushed garlic cloves into the yogurt and pour the combination over the rice and bread. Remove the bones from the chicken, and place the chicken pieces on top of the yogurt. Serve immediately.
Optional garnish: fried pine seeds and fresh parsley.
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