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Qatayef (Ramadan pancakes)قطايف
Qatayef (Pancakes). Buy as many as you will need and no more, estimating a minimum of 2 per person.
Stuffing option 1: White sweetened cheese (can be found in all supermarkets), pinch of cinnamon, sugar to taste.
Stuffing option 2: walnuts, coconut, sugar to taste, pinch of cinnamon.
Sugar water: 1 glass of water, 2 glasses of sugar, a few drops of lemon juice.
For filling option # 1: cut the white cheese into very small pieces and shred them using your hands. Add the cinnamon and sugar and mix.
For filling option # 2: smash the walnuts and add the coconut and cinnamon and sugar together. Place a small amount of either one of the fillings in the center of the Qatayef (pancake) and fold one side towards the other and stick them together by pressing on the sides. You now have a crescent shaped pancake. Fry or bake until golden brown on both sides. Dip into the sugar water and remove. Serve hot.
Sugar water: To prepare, mix all the ingredients in a pan over the stove. Stir continuously until it boils. Continue to stir until the mixture thickens and the sugar is totally dissolved.
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