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Brains with sauce
Ingredients for 8 people

2 brains of calf
1 soup spoonful of vinger
500 peeled and crumbled tomatoes
4 crushed cloves of garlic
1 little bouquet of coriander
1 coffee spoonful of sweet red pepper
a little bit of hot red pepper
1 pinch of safran
3 soup spoonful of lemon juice
tea cup of olive oil
1 coffee spoonful of salt
glass of water


Wash out repeatdly the brains , clear them in water with vinger for 30 mn before removing the skin and filamentr, cut them into regular pieces to 4x 2cm, put them inside a pressure cooker with tomatoes, garlic, corriander, sweet red pepper, hot rezd pepper, safran, lemon juice and salt, mix delicately, add oil mix, and add water

Cook on a little fire for 2 hours, till the sauce is smooth, serve cool, either in tagine or in saucers
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