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Fish Tagine cooked in the oven

1 beautiful fish(shad, dorado, bed..)
For decoration

kg of potatoes, peeled and cut in roundels
2 kg of tomatoes cut in roundels
4 grilled bell peppers, cut into long slides
4 bell green hot peppers
cup olive oil
1 bouquet of crushed parsley
salt and pepper
2 lemons cut into roundels
tomatoes juice


Crush the corainder with salt and garlic, mix in a plate with sweet and hot red pepper, cumin, lemon juice, water and olive oil, cover fish with the pickle, tap the back of the fish to make the marinade penetrate, leave it to impregnate for 2 hours.

Cover the plate of the oven with potatoes roundels, place the fish over them and cover it with roundels of tomatoes, add the bell pepper slides, sweet and got red pepper and oil, sprinkle with crushed parsley, salt and pepper, decorate with roundels of lemon, water with tomatoes juice, mixed with the pickle, cook for 40 mn on a middle fire, water it with it's own juice when half cooked, reduce the sauce to have it onctuous, present the fish complete, decorated with half roundels of fresh tomatoes alternated with lemon roundels and parsley
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