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3 kg of lamb(shoulder or leg of lamb)
1 soup spoonful of sweet red pepper
coffee spoonful of hot red pepper
1 coffee spoonful of cumin
1 pinch of safran
1 soup spoonful of lemon juice
50 g of smelted butter
5 soup spoonful of olive oil
1 glass of water


clean and drain the meat, mix the ingredients in the previous order, except for water which will be used to water the meat.

Remove the skin when necessary, Tap deeply the fleshy places, mass the meat with that mixture, leave it impregnate if possible for 2 hours

Pour water in the oven plate, place the fleshy side of the meat in the plate of the oven, using a little fire for a long cooking of 2 hours, every an hour, water the meat with it's own juice, add water if necessary, when almost cooked, return the meat to cook the other side

serve hot either the met in complete or in individual plates with salad leaves
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