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Tanjia Marrakchia
This famous speciality has the name of tanjia, the earthenware in which it's cooked, we trow all the ingredients mingled all together ,we move it to mix them, we close it with paper and a string , take it to the hammam, where it should be cooked for 4 hours.It's a plate made up by men for men, (single men) for a fiesta or an occasion during which they will play cards , listening to music.


1 kg and of muton meat
6 complete minced cloves of garlic
2 spoonful soup to of cumin
1 pinch of safran
1 preserved lemon, cut into 4
1 soup spoonful of "ras el hanout"
50 to 100 g of smen (staled butter)
1 glass of water


put all the ingredients in the earthenwave, pour oil, move everything to mix, close with paper and string, tap some holes, take it to hammam to be cooked in hot ashes, serve hot, we can cook either in a pessure cooker or in the oven
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