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Beghrir or tulle pancake

375 g of fine semoule
125 g of flour
1 coffee spoonful of salt
1/ 2 liter of milk
1/ 2 liter of water
3 eggs
40 g of yeast (bakery)
4 soup spoonful of honey
1/ 4 liter of water
50 g of butter


Dilute the yeast in a tepid water slightly sugary. Sift the yeast and the flour in a big bowl together.

Make the milk and water tepid, salt, beat the eggs and insert them to the liquid. Pour the half of liquid in the semolina gradually while kneading. Beat vigorously to the hand the gotten dough in order to air it and eliminate the curds. after 10 mn, insert the remainder of liquid then cover with a clean cloth and let to raise at least 1/ 2 h, sheltered from air.

Heat2 or 3 stoves slightly oiled, mix the dough with a soup ladle then pour the value of1/4 of soup ladle in every stove Spread out the dough with the back the soup ladle .cook to soft fire until some holes form to the surface and that all trace of raw dough disappears. Put the crepes on the clean cloth smooth face under until theycold.

Melt the butter and the honey with water in a pan and let the liquid boil for some minutes. Dispose the beghrir in a dish and water them of honey. We can also to caramelize some of them to the oven.
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