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Mísemmen or foliated

1 kg of flour
1 coffee spoonful of salt
2 glasses of water


Make a well to the center of the flour, there put the salt and add little by little the water in kneading energetically until getting a very smooth dough. With some oiled hands, make some balls of the size of a tangerine and arrange them on an oiled surface.

Spread out the balls one by one with the palm of the oiled hand stretching the dough mildly in all the senses until it is very fine. Fold back the 4 sides in to get a square of 8 cm.

Gild them on the 2 faces in a buttered stove they are served with honey or sugar.

We can also stuff them before bending and cooking them, for example of crushed almonds and of sugar, but also of a mixture of onion, of parsley, of pieces of meat and of spices.
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