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Ingredients per 60 to 70 macaroons

7 beaten eggs
250 g of granulated sugar
1 sachet of chemical yeast
1 zest of shabby lemon
1 kg of hulled and chopped almonds
200 g of fine semolina
water of orange blossom
icing sugar


Mix the beaten eggs in a container, the granulated sugar, the yeast and the zest of lemon. Add little by little the chopped almonds and the semolina. Work this mixture energetically until getting a soft dough.

Dampen the hands with the water of orange blossom, remove thick part like a walnut of dough, make a ball of it and flatten it very slightly .put it on the bottom of icing sugar. Arrange the balls on an oiled plate, sugary face toward the high.

Cook to middle oven (th: 5_6) for 20 to 25 mn
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